This is genuine Les Mills Equipment that was lightly used over two days during the LES MILLS LIVE London event. There may be scuffs, marks or scratches, and the equipment is not able to be returned due to this. A manufacturer’s warranty still applies for any faults beyond the general wear and tear expected from use at the event.

The weight plate that doubles as a hand weight for a full body workout. Perfect for chest and shoulder training. Plus, ergonomic handles aid lifting technique and deliver a comfortable grip. Beats a cumbersome dumbbell.

  • 5kg weight plate (x1)

Purchase is for a single weight plate only.


Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions


    The world’s leading bar and weight plate system for high repetition workouts. Full of features to help take your members workouts to the next level and achieve their fitness goals.

      Engineered for LES MILLS™ workouts:

    • BODYPUMP™, the original barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body;
    • LES MILLS CORE™, a core strength class designed to improve your posture and tone your abs, butt and legs;
    • GRIT™, a high intensity interval training series.
    • Plates double as hand weights for a full body workout (a “2 in 1 deal”). Perfect for chest and shoulder training.
    • Textured zone helps secure hand grip and aids lifting technique.
    • Ergonomic design enables users to hold 2 plates in one hand, so weight can be easily and quickly added or removed.
    • Squared off plate shape means the SMARTBAR won’t roll away between tracks.
    • Tested for durability in a high use, gym environment.
    • Aluminum bar with ionized protective coating delivers longer lasting durability and scratch protection.
    • ‘Gator’ mechanism is manufactured using a high performance engineering plastic.
    • Plates are made from iron cores over-molded with a unique rubber compound (combination of natural and synthetic rubber) to reduce smell and marking.
    • Backed by 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • 5kg weight plate - 27 x 3.4 x 27cm (per weight)

      Bar and other weights also available separately:

    • Barbell – 131 x 13.1 x 9.1cm, 2.6 kg (per bar)
    • 1kg weight plate - 18 x 3.4 x 18cm (per weight)
    • 2.5kg weight plate - 21 x 3.4 x 21cm (per weight)
    • 3.7kg weight plate - 24 x 3.4 x 24cm (per weight)
    • 7.5kg weight plate - 31 x 3.6 x 31cm (per weight)
    • 10kg weight plate - 33 x 3.6 x 33cm
Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns

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Les Mills will use its reasonable endeavors to ship your order within 2 working days and delivery is 1 to 3 days after shipping.

Free shipping on all orders for Mainland UK excl. Northern Ireland. You can return unopened cartons within 14 days of receiving the shipment. Returns are refunded for the product purchase price, some exclusions apply. Applies to consumers only.

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Easily add weight. Quickly see gains

Build strength in comfort with smart weight plates made for smarter training.


Free weights you can load on your bar

Made to integrate with the LES MILLS SMARTBAR™. Ergonomically designed for comfortable hand grip so you can focus on improving technique, and even grip multiple plates at once. Shaped to ensure they don’t roll away. Available in a range of sizes so you can add to your collection and build your strength. 


Built to last

Strong and durable, these industry-standard weight plates are proven in the world’s best gyms and perfect for your place. Start using these weight plates and you’ll never look back.