MBX Mat™

MBX Mat™


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The LES MILLS MBX MAT™ came out on top of 18 market-leading mats as the Best Exercise Mat by Men’s Health Lab UK (2021).

Convert your home into a high-performance mind-body space with the MBX MAT. This 2-in-1 mat has two purpose-engineered surfaces – so you can calm your mind, and strengthen your body.

The red surface is perfect for any style of yoga, with high-density eco-PVC delivering the stability you need to strike challenging poses. The grey surface is designed for functional and high impact exercise, featuring anti-slip coating to keep you anchored (even during the sweatiest workouts).


Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions

    • 180.0 x 61.0 x 0.5cm, 2.20kg
    • 70.86 x 24.01 x 0.19in, 4.85lbs
    • The packaged weight of the MBX MAT is approximately 2.20kg / 4.85lbs and the packed volume is 0.0114m3
Care Information

Care Information


  • With a new MBX MAT, you may notice a slight odour. Rremove all packaging, lay flat or hang on a rack. The odour will disappear. You can use water and mild detergent to gently wash the mat.
  • On the grey side, if you are wearing shoes, ensure they are clean and do not have any sharp items within the tread. If you are not wearing shoes, we recommend hands and feet are clean and free of moisturizer before use.
  • Don't use or store your MBX MAT outside.
  • Keep the MBX MAT away from sharp items ie metal buttons, rivets, zippers etc. Do not load other items on top of the MBX MAT. This can result in permanent indentations.


  • For storage, roll with the top surface (grey side) facing out. Rolling in opposite direction can damage mat surface. You can also hang. 


  • Regularly clean the MBX MAT by gently washing with water and a few drops of mild detergent using a soft sponge. Hang the MBX Mat to dry. Do not use high heat to dry the MBX MAT. Please do not spray any cleaning solution directly onto the MBX MAT.


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  • For further product care instructions click here
Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns

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Find calm. Fuel strength

Experience the best of both worlds with this 2-in-1 mat made for comfort and functionality. 


Dual-sided for double the use

High-density eco-PVC helps create stability during yoga and the anti-slip coating helps you move with confidence during high-impact exercise. This mat is designed for shoes or bare feet and easily folds for added comfort when training on your knees or elbows. 


Built to last

Durable and comfortable, this industry-standard resistance band is proven in the world's best gyms and perfect for your place. Start using the LES MILLS MBX MAT and you’ll never look back. 

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We stand by the quality of our equipment.


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What makes the MBX Mat different to other brands?

We've removed the annoying pain points found in other mats. Go thin and your joints dig painfully into the floor. But go too thick and you sink - leaving you off-balance and frustrated. And a slippery mat can be downright dangerous…

The solution?

  • High-density eco-PVC provides cushioning yet delivers a supportive grip to avoid sinking and sliding during poses. So you’re left with the rejuvenating feeling of being truly calm and centered.
  • The dynamic exercise side also folds in half to double up thickness and provide even greater comfort for high impact exercise – especially good on knees and elbows. Whilst the anti-slip coating keeps you anchored even during intense sweaty exercise.

Unlike other mats, the high-density eco-PVC also stops indents and surface compression forming. Whilst the mat features a semi-closed cell surface for hygienic performance. And when you’re done, easily clean with water and a few drops of mild dish soap.

What workout classes can I do with the MBX MAT? And where can I stream them?

  • The red surface is designed for yoga exercise and BODYBALANCE™ streamed on LES MILLS+ - a yoga, tai chi and pilates workout that will leave you feeling calm and centered.
  • The grey surface is designed for high impact and functional workouts like CORE™ (a core strength class designed to tone your abs, butt, and legs) and LES MILLS BARRE (a modern version of classic ballet training designed to tone postural muscles, build core strength and allow you to escape the everyday). Both programs are streamed on LES MILLS+.
  • The MBX Mat is also perfect for use on the gym floor, personal (PT) and small group training, and barre classes.