Les Mills Massage Ball Set

Les Mills Massage Ball Set


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Roll, release and relax. These lightweight massage balls are ideal for easing any muscle pain and stiffness from sports and exercise, sitting for prolonged periods or poor posture. They can help create deep muscle penetration, break up soft tissue adhesions and relieve tension, while promoting blood circulation and healing.

With two different levels of density, you can choose the firmness you need to relieve all types of muscle tension and pain. Use the firm 50 degree ball to target large muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, and lats. The medium density 35 degree ball is ideal for the pectorals, shoulders, traps, and calves. These massage balls also target smaller muscles, such as the forearms, palms, and feet.

Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions

  • SIZE: ONE SIZE: Diameter 70mm / 2.7”

    WEIGHT: Lightweight. Approximately 18-22g / 039-.048lbs each

    MATERIAL: High-density durable EVA foam

Care Information

Care Information


  • Avoid use and/or storage in areas with sharp edges or abrasive surfaces that can leave a lasting mark or damage the surface(s), including shoes during use.
  • To protect the surface, try to avoid having lotions or jewellery on hands, body or feet prior to use.
  • Color may change over time.


  • Wipe with a soft damp (microfiber) cloth after use. Store out of direct sunlight. Mesh bag provided.


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Designed to help muscle performance; decrease fatigue and soreness after exercise. A wonderful tool to release tension, unravel knots and improve mobility at home.


What is the product made of?

The Massage Ball Set is made of high-density, durable EVA foam and does not contain Latex.

What is the warranty period?

As a consumer purchasing equipment for your personal, domestic use, you are entitled to the applicable legal rights stated in your national legislation concerning the commerce of consumer goods.

How do I clean my Massage Ball Set?

Wipe with a soft damp cloth after use. If using solution, apply it to the cloth first, not directly on the Massage Ball Set. Please see wear & care details.