Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

Les Mills International Limited (‘Les Mills’) champions innovation and invests heavily in developing industry-leading products and technologies. We may actively pursue external opportunities or partnerships as part of this innovation journey.

We also love to hear from our members and those in the fitness community about their experiences with our products. We are a collaborative business that acknowledges the importance of sharing ideas and different perspectives. However, Les Mills has put in place a general policy to not accept or consider any ideas, proposals, suggestions, concepts, materials or works in any form from third parties (a ‘Submission’) other than those we have specifically requested. The reason we have implemented this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstanding or disputes should any Les Mills product, concept or initiative look similar to an idea put forward in a Submission or include features or improvements suggested by someone in a Submission.

If for some reason you still send Les Mills (or any of its subsidiaries, licensees, employees or contractors) a Submission, the following terms will apply, regardless of any contrary statements or claims accompanying your Submission:

  1. Les Mills has no obligation to review, acknowledge or respond to your Submission.
  2. Les Mills has no obligation to keep your Submission confidential.
  3. Les Mills shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of your Submission.
  4. Les Mills shall be entitled to unrestricted use of your Submission for any purpose and in any way,
    without any compensation owed to you.
  5. Your Submission and its contents (including any related intellectual property rights)
    automatically become the property of Les Mills, without any compensation owed to you.
  6. You are authorised to make your Submission and your Submission does not include the
    intellectual property (including confidential information, proprietary know-how and trade
    secrets) of any other person or party.

We welcome feedback regarding your experience with our business and our products. If you would like to send us feedback or ask us a question, please do so through our Contact Page. Please note that Les Mills shall be free to use any feedback submitted on an unrestricted basis.