Les Mills Affiliate program

Our Affiliate Program allows us to partner with publishers like yours to introduce the LES MILLS brand to your audience. You'll earn a commission when your content leads to purchases. Get rewarded for the excellent content you're already creating!


How it works

1. Sign Up?

Joining the program is easy! Just click sign up as a publisher and it will only take 5 minutes to complete

2. Recommend?

Create a tracking link and recommend LES MILLS offers to an audience

3. Earn?

If a user purchases an equipment, you can earn a competitive rate


What’s the eligibility for this program?

To qualify as an affiliate, you need established social channels like a webpage, blog, or social media presence. We don't consider publishers without an existing online presence.

How does LES MILLS track sales made through Affiliate partners?

Affiliates are given a unique tracking ID which will track all bookings made with your ID.

When will I receive payment for my commission?

Transactions are approved and locked 30 days after the month they are tracked, and payment is 30 days post lock date.

How can I track my performance?

Upon registration, you will gain access to a comprehensive reporting tool, enabling you to monitor and track your performance effectively!

Sign up today and start creating!


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