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Design Matters

Great design brings together form and function to enhance user experience.   SMART TECH brings great design to a suite of functional fitness equipment and changes the way we look at the gym floor. 

You will have better results

You will have better form

But, even more importantly, you may find greater JOY working out with SMART TECH

Great design and user friendly equipment systems ->

Enhanced member experience ->

Club members enjoying their workout more ->

Club members visit more often and stay longer ->

Retention and member referrals increase

We designed SMART TECH to make functional weight training more fun and appealing to members so that they enjoy the workouts, stick with them and increase the frequency and length of club visits.   We wanted tools that drive results in safe and effective way to keep members engaged and motivated to keep exercising.  Millennials are the biggest opportunity for club membership so SMART TECH leads the market in cutting edge design and materials to bring a cool factor to the barbell and step that has been missing from the industry.  We offer our club partners the ability to stand out from the competition and elevate the member experience. 

LES MILLS® develops innovative equipment systems that support and enhance group fitness programs and provides strong support for personal trainers and team training. In the past two years, LES MILLS® has launched the Les Mills SMARTBAR™ barbell and weights system and the Les Mills SMARTSTEP™ exercise platform, and we continue to work on new equipment innovations.

We approach product design in a unique way that gives us the knowledge and ability to create user defined innovations. Our biggest competitive advantage is our access to fitness professionals who consult with us, test our prototypes and give us honest feedback. We take advantage of the 15,000 clubs who license LES MILLS® group fitness programs and the 100,000 Les Mills certified instructors to deliver better equipment. To ensure quality, exceptional functionality and user results, we partner with a New Zealand based design firm and start every new product by listening, watching and learning from our customers. 

Facing a highly commoditized equipment market, LES MILLS® sought to develop products that are truly innovative. From beginning to end, our innovation is customer-insight led, requiring years of extensive research and analysis. In collaboration with our external design partners, we developed products with cutting edge design and functionality that improves the user experience and delivers faster results safely and effectively.

For the SMARTBAR™, we sought to improve the ease and speed that weights are attached or removed. We also focused on making the weight plates comfortable and increase their functionality for use in personal training and team training as well as group fitness. By achieving this, the SMARTBAR™ enhances both the member and club experience. 

For the SMARTSTEP™, we focused on stability. A key innovation is the way the deck and risers engage by soft locking into position. When a user steps or jumps onto the deck, their feet increase the locking action and ensures a stable platform under a dynamic load. It also allows the SMARTSTEP™ to be picked up and moved as one piece making transitions fast and seamless.  The circular risers are intuitive and easy to locate. They minimize the risk of participants’ feet catching when there is movement around the edge of the step and will not slip on any gym surface.

LES MILLS® equipment will benefit clubs by offering customers unique, innovative equipment that helps them attain better results. By giving members a better experience, we can help drive retention and membership sales.