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Accelerated Training Pack

Accelerated Training Pack

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  • Description

    Ready to accelerate your training and activate your muscles to work how they’re supposed to? Then combine seriously effective equipment with a science-backed workout plan. A leaner, stronger and fitter you. On your time and from the comfort of your home.

    Pack features the SMARTBAR™ bar and weights system. So you activate your muscles how they’re supposed to - giving you faster results from all those squats, rows and BODYPUMP™ classes.

    • SMARTBAR barbell (x1) 

    • 1kg weights plates (x2)

    • 2.5kg weight plates (x2)

    • 5kg weight plates (x2)


    • 9 week workout plan (PDF), personalized for intermediate and advanced fitness levels


  • Workouts

    Engineered for LES MILLS programs and available on LES MILLS On Demand:

    • CXWORX
    • GRIT
    • TONE
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  • Get rapid results
    Get rapid results
    SMARTBAR™ is the perfect training partner to help you get lean, strong and fit with BODYPUMP™. The “reset button” you can use from the comfort of your home, when you feel like a boost to your day.
  • Get rapid results
    Get rapid results
    Instead of fumbling with clips, the gator lets you quickly release and secure your weights. Which means you keep up with the fast paced classes and make the most of your workout time.
  • Get rapid results
    Get rapid results
    Ergonomic handles help secure your grip and aid lifting technique. The result? You improve your strength and carve impressive definition. Beats a cumbersome dumbbell any day.
    Tone your abs, but and legs with targeted resistance training. Delivering a low-to-medium level of resistance, the SMARTBAND™ is the perfect training tool for beginner and intermediate fitness levels.
    The band delivers consistent change in resistance on extension. Translation: the band instantly improves your technique by targeting the right muscles. Which means you’ll see faster body shaping results.
    The problem with traditional bands? Tubing. It digs painfully into your feet when standing. And rolls out during leg extensions, killing flow. The answer? A flat band that stays soft and underfoot all track long. Problem solved.
    Train like a pro.
    Right from the get-go
    The science-backed training plan, personalized for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Perfect if you’ve maintained a fitness routine, but want to ramp-up intensity and boost performance. Make serious gains, powered by science.
    Scientific schedule:
    Your Roadmap for Success
    A step-by-step schedule incorporating LES MILLS workouts into 9 weeks of accelerated training. Designed to work your entire body and challenge you further than you thought possible. We show you the way, without the guesswork.
    Find your next level
    Breakthrough the glass ceiling. Our simple yet effective tips to help you avoid training plateaus and keep you motivated (even on those ‘hectic’ days). The result? A fitter, faster, stronger you in just 9 weeks.
  • It used to be hard to make the right weight selections
    I initially started with another barbell out of convenience, but the bar itself was 15 pounds (compared to 7.5 with the Smartbar) and it was much longer. I'm 5 ft. 3 in. and average about 115 pounds, so the other bar was hard to use for LesMills workouts and harder to make the right weight selections for Bodypump and Grit Strength. I couldn't be happier with my Smartbar, mainly because of the shorter length and weight than traditional bars, and the ease of changing the weight plates. And I love using the weight plates instead of dumbells in the various Les Mills Workouts.
    Jenny Bergschneider
  • More intense, sweaty and tiring
    The Smartbar is a great investment, though pricey in the beginning, but way worth the money. I think my workouts are more intense using the Smartbar. Usually after the shoulder track, I am worn out and sweaty like hell but feel so good! There’s more possibilities to add or take away weights depending on track and fitness level. The bar also helps with the form... straight back, shoulders back and down. I would recommend the bar for someone who works out at home, is committed and wants to stay fit, healthy and toned. And there are definitely more programs at LMOD than just Bodypump that use the smartbar or just the plates. Thumbs up from me!!!
    Antje Malkowski
  • Worth the investment
    My main hesitation was the cost of the SMART equipment. But I think if you are someone that works out at home all the time it is worth the investment. I enjoy using the weight plates more for other exercises that I normally use dumbbells for. I like how the plates slide in and out. Also, I really love that you can hold the plates as dumbbells. Like the name says, this equipment is SMART and easy to use. There is definitely a coolness factor that other brands don’t have. I also really like the design and feel of the SMART BAND. I find the quality way better than my old resistance band which became easier to use over time because of how stretched out it got. You won’t find one like this anywhere.
    Brooke Weinstein Berger
High-tech, high-rep
  • The world’s leading bar and plate system for high repetition workouts.
  • Engineered for BODYPUMP™, the original barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body.
  • Engineered for CXWORX™, a 30 minute LES MILLS™ class which increases core strength, improves posture and tones your abs, butt and legs.
  • Engineered for LES MILLS GRIT™, a high intensity interval training series.
  • BODYPUMP™, CXWORX™ and GRIT™ are streamed on LES MILLS™ On Demand ( Perfect if you work out at home or want to keep up your routine between gym sessions.
Dimensions and weight
  • SMARTBAR™ barbell:
    ⁃ 128 x 12 x 7.5cm, 2.8 kg
    ⁃ 19.8 x 1.8 x 1.2in, 6.2lbs
  • The SMARTBAR™ barbell comes with a range of weight plates.
  • Each SMART TECH pack contains different weight plate combinations. Please check the pack description.
  • 1kg weight plate:
    ⁃ 18 x 2.2 x 18cm, 1kg (2 each)
    ⁃ 7.1 x 0.8 x 7.1in, 2.2lb (2 each)
  • 2.5kg weight plate:
    ⁃ 20 x 2.2 x 20cm, 2.5kg (2 each)
    ⁃ 7.8 x 0.8 x 7.8in, 5.5lb (2 each)
  • 5kg weight plate:
    ⁃ 26 x 26 x 26cm, 5kg (2 each)
    ⁃ 10.2 x 1 x 10.2in, 11lb (2 each)
SMARTBAR barbell
  • Patented ‘gator’ teeth and release design mechanism cuts down weight transitions between sets. Pull the red release lever and slide plates off with ease. This solves a common problem with ‘hard to affix’ clips – they can take forever to pull off and on securely and kill the flow of your workout.
  • The ‘gator’ is manufactured using a high performance engineering plastic.
  • 27mm bar diameter reduces hand and forearm fatigue, aiding correct muscle activation and technique.
  • Rotating bar ends aid muscle isolation and help keep your movement smoother.
  • Aluminium bar with a hard ionized protective coating delivers long lasting durability and scratch protection. Beats a thin, hollow bar that bends easily with weight.
SMARTBAR weight plates
  • Plates double as hand weights for a full body workout (“2 in 1 deal”). If you use plates for chest and shoulder training, they will be your new best friends.
  • There’s no need for extra dumbbells cluttering your workout space.
  • Plates store compactly.
  • Made from iron cores over-moulded with a unique rubber compound (combination of natural & synthetic rubber) reducing smell and marking.
  • Squared off plate shape means the SMARTBAR is stable and won’t roll away between tracks.
  • Work out with the same plates the instructors use in LES MILLS program videos, making it easier follow their instructions.
  • Ergonomically designed handles help secure your grip and aid lifting technique. Increased comfort even for smaller participants. Beats a cumbersome dumbbell.
  • Ergonomic design also lets you hold 2 plates in one hand, meaning you can easily add just a little bit more.
  • Plates lock securely into the gator teeth. Focus on perfecting your movement and enjoying your workout.
Gym-grade durability and Warranty
  • Every week, 700,000+ people, in thousands of clubs around the world, use SMART TECH equipment to help them achieve their goals.
  • Backed by 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The SMARTBAND is the resistance band designed for CXWORX™, a 30 minute LES MILLS™ class which increases core strength, improves posture and tones your abs, butt and legs.
  • Engineered also for BODYVIVE™ 3.1. A challenging class full of lunges, squats, running and resistance band exercises to help you burn calories (and take your fitness to the next level). 
  • Both programs are available when you subscribe to LES MILLS™ On Demand ( Perfect if you work out at home or want to keep up your routine between gym sessions.
  • LES MILLS™ program instructors will demonstrate how to use the band correctly - in licensed clubs or on LES MILLS™ On Demand.
  • Suitable for gym and personal training.
  • Lightweight and a perfect travel companion.
Dimensions and weight
    ⁃ 0.215KG (1230 v 25 v 4cm)
    ⁃ 0.47lbs (22 x 0.3 x 1.9in)
  • Available separately - SMARTBAND EXTREME:
    ⁃ 0.215KG (1230 v 25 v 4cm)
    ⁃ 0.47lbs (22 x 0.3 x 1.9in)
Resistance Level
    ⁃ considered a low-to-medium level of resistance.
    ⁃ Perfect training tool for most fitness levels.
  • Available separately - SMARTBAND EXTREME:
    ⁃ considered a medium-to-heavy level of resistance.
  • Delivers consistent change in resistance as the band is extended. The result? Improved technique.
Band Profile
  • Features a flat profile instead of a traditional tube. So when you’re standing during resistance training, the band is less likely to move, roll or slip. And if the band twists under foot, it won’t impact your workout.
  • End to end length of 1,230 mm means the band can be used by a person of any height.
  • Unlike traditional bands or tubes made of extruded rubber or latex, SMARTBAND is a quality TPE made via an injection molding process.
  • LES MILLS logo makes it easy to identify the center-point during movement.
Connected Handles
  • Solves a common problem with regular bands; the weak connection point between the tube and the webbing. Our design integrates the spine to the SMARTBAND with over moulding.
  • Nylon webbing passes freely through the spine in order to adapt to your movement. This delivers easy movement and enhanced functionality throughout your movement range.
  • Compressible rubber handle improves comfort in hand and stability under foot. Unlike traditional rigid handles, you don’t have to worry about plastic digging into your wrists, thumbs or arms (and limiting your movement).
  • Design lets you hold a weight plate easily for extra weight, this can be a struggle with a regular handle.
  • Textured for optimal gripping surface.
Gym-grade durability and Warranty
  • Tested for durability in a gym environment.
  • Backed by 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
Overview: Smart, safe and highly effective
  • Developed to keep you motivated and achieve your goals.
  • 2 personalised plans, one for intermediates and one for advanced participants
  • Your roadmap for success: delivering you the right workout at the right time in your fitness journey.
  • The result? A leaner, faster, stronger you (in just 9 weeks).
Intermediate Plan
  • Scientifically developed for somebody who has consistently completed 2-4 planned exercise sessions per week in the last 3 months .
  • Perfect if you’ve successfully maintained a routine, but want a program with greater frequency and a gradual ramp up in intensity.
  • 3-6 hours per week of training.
  • Gain significant cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.
  • Gain cardiovascular fitness and strength.
  • Prepare for high intensity interval training.
  • The bonus? If you complete the intermediate plan, you’ll be able to leap to the advanced plan…
Advanced Plan
  • Scientifically developed for somebody who has consistently completed 3-5 planned exercise sessions per week in the last 3 months (including resistance training 1-2 days per week).
  • Perfect if you’ve successfully maintained a routine, but are ready for a program with greater frequency and a significant boost in intensity.
  • 3-6 hours per week of training
  • Gain cardiovascular fitness and strength.
  • See changes in your body composition.
Digital downloadables
  • The workout plan includes:
    ⁃ 9 week workout calendar – intermediate level
    ⁃ 9 week workout calendar – advanced level
    ⁃ Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your workout plan (and avoid training plateaus)
    ⁃ 9 week journal to help you use the science of positive psychology
    ⁃ Bonus guide: understanding the science behind effective training, with Dr. Jinger Gottschall
Meet the Creator: Dr. Gottschall
  • We handpicked Dr. Jinger Gottschall to create your plan because she’s a world leading expert in exercise performance.
  • With a doctoral degree in integrative physiology, Jinger is an associate professor at The Pennsylvania State University studying exercise prescription (to maximize performance and minimize injury).
  • Dr. Gottschall helped develop CXWORX and currently tests every LES MILLS GRIT release. She’s also published over 10+ peer review journal articles focussing on the benefits of LES MILLS programs.
  • Jinger is also the founder of FITOLOGY, a research lab within a group fitness and cycling studio. And you guessed it… FITOLOGY offers LES MILLS™ group fitness classes.
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