Jordan Ignite Pump X Barbell Sets are covered by our standard 12-month warranty* which

begins from the date of original purchase, unless otherwise stated. This warranty covers products against manufacturing defects and applies to the original purchaser only.

If you have purchased products through a third-party seller you must contact the seller directly.

*Two year extended warranty on weight plates

Issues not Covered by the Warranty

• Damage from a product being misused or neglected

• Normal wear and tear

• Damage from products being used on inappropriate flooring

• Training and competition discs not being used on a suitable Olympic Lifting Platform

• Cosmetic damage to products- including but not limited to, chipping of the paint finish and issues with stickers, badges, and endcaps

• Any damage resulting from throwing or dropping products that are not designed for this purpose including Dumbbells, Barbells and Kettlebells.

• Damage from slamming products which are not designed for this purpose including but not limited to, Sandbag Pro and Medicine Balls

• Loosening of multi-disc dumbbells, barbells and products which have moving parts such as Olympic Bars with bearings

• Any issues with flooring resulting to exposure to direct sunlight, heat sources or excessive water

• Shrinkage or expansion of Active flooring within the 1% tolerance level

• Damage from products being stored on racks not sourced from Jordan Fitness

• Damage resulting in incorrect chemicals and cleaning products on products including Liquid Chalk, High Salt and bleach content cleaning solutions

• Damage resulting from unsuitable conditions where applicable such as High Humidity rooms , low ventilation and outside.

Claim Procedure For Les Mills

To make a warranty claim on a product the client will need to provide the original order number and photographic evidence of the fault before the claim can be processed.

This can be completed by emailing lmuk.merchandise@lesmills.com It may be necessary for the product to be returned to Jordan Fitness for inspection before a replacement or repair can be made.

If a product is deemed to have a manufacturing fault within the warranty period, it will be replaced or repaired by Jordan Fitness, as necessary.

Carriage costs are not covered by Jordan Fitness and the cost of returning products is the responsibility of the purchaser unless otherwise agreed.

The warranty period begins from the date of purchase and will continue from this point regardless of any replacements or repairs.