Vertical Storage Rack*
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Vertical Storage Rack*

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Smarten up your workout space with this vertical storage rack. This stylish system conveniently stores two SMARTBAR™ barbells, up to 12 weight plates, and your SMARTBAND™ resistance bands. marten up your workout space with this vertical storage rack.

Set yourself up with this storage rack and you’ll keep your floor space free and your weights easily accessible – so you can become your strongest. *For safety reasons, the anti-tip stabilizing strap must be secured to a wall.

What’s included:

  • 1x vertical rack
  • 1x anti-tip stabilizing strap to secure to a wall
Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions

    • When assembled the rack measures: 1210mm/47.64in high, 395mm/15.55in wide, 350mm/13.78in deep
    • The rack weighs 12.5kg/27.56lb.
Care Information

Care Information


  • ALWAYS ensure the supplied Anti-tip kit is installed to prevent injury. For detailed assembly instructions click here.

  • We recommend placing the FREESTANDING STORAGE rack against a wall, in a clearly accessible area on a hard flat surface. This area should be free from other obstructions such as slanted ceilings, and within easy reach of the user.
  • Color may change over time.


  • Keep the rack indoors and away from any moisture and dust.


  • For cleaning, please wipe the rack with a clean, damp cloth with mild detergent. Please then dry with a clean, dry cloth.


  • For warranty instructions click here


  • For further product care instructions click here
Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns

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Smarten up your space

Create the ultimate gym setup with your floor space free and your equipment options easily on hand. 


A strong set up

Made to conveniently and stylishly store two SMARTBAR™ barbells, up to 12 weight plates, and your SMARTBAND™ resistance bands. 


Get a refund if you are not 100% satisfied. Returns policy applies.

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What equipment can the vertical rack hold?

This rack conveniently stores two SMARTBAR™ barbells and up to 12 weight plates. SMARTBAND™ resistance bands can be hung from the side hooks.

How do I assemble my rack?

Follow the instructions here to assemble your new rack.

Does my vertical storage rack need to be attached to a wall?

Yes. An anti-tip strap is included to securely fasten the storage rack to the wall. Please see the assembly instructions for further details.