We are on a mission to create a fitter planet, and we want you to join us.

Les Mills is the world’s leader in providing group fitness and team training programs. Every week, in more that 15,500 clubs across over 80 countries, millions of people lose themselves in renowned classes like BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, CXWORX® and LES MILLS GRIT SERIES™. We believe that a LES MILLS® workout is not just exercising.

As part of the LES MILLS® health experience, Les Mills continues to design new and revolutionary equipment to get people fitter, healthier, faster. Pairing years of research together with award-winning design, LES MILLS® SMART TECH equipment increases muscle activation, maximizes workouts and burns calories more efficiently.

The SMARTBAR® is like nothing the industry has seen before. Combining cutting-edge ergonomic design with strong and durable construction, it has redefined old barbell technology. Transition times are minimized. Workouts are maximised.

The SMARTSTEP® is a complete redesign of the traditional aerobics step. Integrating the latest equipment technology and intuitively improving stability, users can leap confidently, lie comfortably and even increase resistance by using the step on an incline. The SMARTSTEP® is a scientifically re-engineered design that integrates technology to better every workout.

Before our revolutionary line of SMART TECH equipment, Don Oliver barbells were used exclusively in BODYPUMP® classes around the world.

Behind the achievements of Les Mills are our people, who are on global quest to change lives. We call ourselves One Team, which means we’re all working towards the same goal to make the world a fitter planet. We’re brave, motivated and passionate about the future of fitness.