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Take your strength to the extreme with the SMARTBAND EXTREME™. This band delivers medium-to-high resistance, which is ideal for advanced exercisers.

This unique band was designed for the dynamic core training of LES MILLS CORE™ and is the perfect match for ab, butt and leg toning. The consistent resistance will help you improve technique and train in the impact zone. The flat band won’t slip and the compressible rubber handles provide optimal comfort and grip.


Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions

    • 123.0 x 2.5 x 0.4cm, 0.22kg
    • 48.42 x 0.98 x 0.15, 0.47lbs
    • End to end length of 1,230 mm means the band can be used by a person of any height.
    • The packaged weight of the SMARTBAND EXTREME™ is approximately 0.22kg / 0.47lbs and the packed volume is 0.0012m3
    • The SMARTBAND EXTREME – considered a medium-to-heavy level of resistance – is available for purchase separately.
Care Information

Care Information


  • Avoid overstretching. SMARTBAND can be stretched to a maximum of 2.5x its length. Overstretching may result in fine tears or breakage. We recommend using the handles, grabbing the material beneath handles can cause shortening. If you need to increase resistance, try SMARTBAND Extreme. 
  • Avoid using SMARTBAND with shoes that have an aggressive shoe tread or sharp edges. We recommend softer soled shoes or no shoes.
  • Avoid using SMARTBAND on abrasive surfaces such as rough concrete. We recommend working out on a smooth hard surface or fitness mat.
  • We do not recommend tying SMARTBAND in a knot or wrapped/tied around an object with sharp edges. 


  • Clean SMARTBAND by wiping down with a damp soft cloth using mild detergent. Please do not spray any cleaning solution directly. Hang to dry.


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  • For further product care instructions click here
Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns

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Stretch your strength gains

Stay in control and comfort as you challenge your muscles in dynamic ways. 


A flat band for control and stability

Focus on form and technique without worrying about your band rolling out of place. Free-moving nylon webbing helps you move with ease, and the compressible handle provides supreme comfort. 


Built to last

Durable and tested to perform, this industry-standard resistance band is proven in the world’s best gyms and perfect for your place. Start using the SMARTBAND and you’ll never look back. 

1 year warranty?

We stand by the quality of our equipment.


Get a refund if you are not 100% satisfied. Return policy applies

Free shipping on all orders?

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What makes the SMARTBAND different to other brands?

  • The SMARTBAND solves a known point of weakness with regular bands; the connection between the tube and the webbing. We designed this piece out of the band by integrating the spine to the SMARTBAND with over moulding.
  • Nylon webbing passes freely through the spine in order to adapt to your movement. This delivers easy movement and enhanced functionality throughout your movement range.
  • Compressible rubber handles improve comfort in hand and stability under foot. So unlike traditional rigid handles, you don’t have to worry about plastic digging into your wrists, thumbs or arms (and limiting your movement).
  • Features a flat profile instead of a traditional tube. So when you’re standing during resistance training, the band is less likely to move, roll or slip. And if the band twists under foot, it won’t impact your workout.

Why should you be confident in the SMARTBAND's durability?

  • The SMARTBAND is tested in a high-use club environment and stretched 45,000 times.
  • The band is made of injection moulded EPV; interlocked to rubber handles with nylon webbed straps. The result? Stronger protection from snapping, tearing and breakage.
  • Backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. For more info check our FAQs.

What workout classes can I do with the SMARTBAND?

  • The SMARTBAND is the resistance band of choice for CORE™, a 30 minute LES MILLS™ class which increases core strength, improves posture and tones your abs, butt and legs.
  • Engineered also for LES MILLS TONE™, a challenging class full of lunges, squats, functional training and resistance band exercises to help you burn calories.
  • Both programs are streamed on LES MILLS™ LES MILLS+ ( Perfect if you work out at home or want to keep up your routine between gym sessions.
  • Suitable for gym and personal training.
  • Lightweight and a perfect travel companion.