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LES MILLS Sculpt Bands



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Tone muscle, feel stronger, improve balance and enhance coordination. This set of fabric resistance bands makes it easy to spark muscular burn and maximize results from any exercise – squats, glute bridges, donkey kicks, leg raises, lunges and all sorts of Pilates-inspired moves. Offering different levels of resistance, the three different bands will meet your demands for a variety of exercise.

Oatmeal = Light; Grey = Medium, Black = Heavy

Versatile and portable, the lightweight bands come with a carry pouch and can be easily used for added resistance and stretching at home, in the gym, outdoors and while you’re traveling.

RESISTANCE LEVELS: Light = 12.7kg / 28lbs , Medium = 15kg / 33lbs, Heavy = 18.1kg / 40lbs

Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions

  • SIZE: One of each size 62cm diameter x 5cm/6cm/7cm width (22.5” x 1.9”/2.4”/2.7”)

    WEIGHT: Lightweight 0.16kg / .35lbs per set. Easily portable

    MATERIAL: Soft, durable fabric that is comfortable on bare skin, 70% polyester, 20% cotton, 10% latex. Non-slip silicon/rubber strips on the inside of each band keep the band in place with no slipping or rolling.

Care Information

Care Information


  • To protect the surface, try to avoid having lotions or jewellery on hands, body or feet prior to use.
  • Avoid use and/or storage in areas with sharp edges or abrasive surfaces that can leave a lasting mark or damage the surface(s), including shoes during use.
  • Color may change over time.


  • Machine washable in cold water on a gentle setting. Lay flat and air dry.


  • For warranty instructions click here
Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns

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Dial up muscular burn

Intensify your training by adding resistance to sculpt muscles. 


Lightweight and versatile

At home or on the go, this set of fabric resistance bands makes it easy to get more benefit from your workouts. Add this resistance to almost any exercise, dial up the heat and sculpt and tone strong muscles. 


Simple but effective

Soft and portable, these high-quality fabric resistance bands come in a set of three resistance levels – so you can easily add the resistance you choose. 


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