SMARTBAR™ 12 Set Storage Rack (Gen2)

The Storage Rack can store the LES MILLS SMARTBAR™ and all sizes of the SMARTBAR Weight Plate, enabling you to choose the exact configuration that suits your needs. Each Storage Rack can hold up to 12 units of the SMARTBAR and up to 144 Weight Plates in a compact and easy to access frame. Two (or more) racks can be easily set up side by side for even more storage, without reducing accessibility.

  • rack (1) - barbells and weights are not included


Specs & More details
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    The world’s leading bar and weight plate system for high repetition workouts. Full of features to help take your members workouts to the next level and achieve their fitness goals.

    Engineered for LES MILLS™ workouts:

    • BODYPUMP™, the original barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body;
    • LES MILLS CORE™, a core strength class designed to improve your posture and tone your abs, butt and legs;
    • GRIT™, a high intensity interval training series.
    • Patented ‘gator’ teeth and release design cuts down weight transitions between sets. Pull the red release lever and slide plates off with ease. Clip-free, hassle-free.
    • Plates lock securely into the gator teeth - so users can focus on perfecting technique.
    • 27mm bar diameter reduces hand and forearm fatigue, aiding correct muscle activation and technique.
    • Rotating bar ends aid muscle isolation and helps keep movement smoother.
    • Plates double as hand weights for a full body workout (a “2 in 1 deal”). Perfect for chest and shoulder training.
    • Textured zone helps secure hand grip and aids lifting technique.
    • Ergonomic design enables users to hold 2 plates in one hand, so weight can be easily and quickly added or removed.
    • Squared off plate shape means the SMARTBAR won’t roll away between tracks.
    • Tested for durability in a high use, gym environment.
    • Aluminum bar with ionized protective coating delivers longer lasting durability and scratch protection.
    • ‘Gator’ mechanism is manufactured using a high performance engineering plastic.
    • Plates are made from iron cores over-molded with a unique rubber compound (combination of natural and synthetic rubber) to reduce smell and marking.
    • Backed by 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Rack - 130 x 73 x 130cm, 50kg (per rack)
    • Locking unit available separately

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Rotating gator ends help keep your arms in alignment and make lifting weights feel smoother. This instantly improves your form, reduces the risk of injury and your joints will feel better for it. It’s the safe and effective way to build your strength.




Don’t miss a beat. Instead of fumbling with clips, the SMARTBAR gator technology lets you quickly release and secure your weights. Which means you keep up with fast-paced training and make the most of your workout time.


What makes the SMARTBAR different to other brands?

We've removed the annoying and downright dangerous pain points found in other brands: ‘hard to affix’ clips, loose weights, cumbersome hand plates (and more). Instead, we've created a bar & weights system built for fast paced workout classes, starting with the original barbell workout BODYPUMP.

The result is a system featuring a patented gator release mechanism, rotating bar ends and ergonomic hand plates. Translation: its engineered for performance, made for motivation.

How do you benefit?

  • Maximize your results from 30-55 min total body workouts (regardless of your fitness level)
  • Instantly improve your technique by activating the right muscles to burn calories more efficiently
  • Feel leaner and more energized (even if you’re juggling a busy life)
Thousands of the world’s leading clubs have jumped on board - trusting the SMARTBAR to improve member experiences. And you can too from the comfort of your own home - whenever you feel like a mental or metabolic boost to your day.

Is the SMARTBAR worth the investment?

The reality is that the SMARTBAR is a premium product with a premium price tag - after all, a lot goes into making the SMARTBAR.

So the question to ask yourself is are you committed to working out regularly and creating a better version of yourself? If the answer is no, then the SMARTBAR is probably not for you. If the answer is yes, then the SMARTBAR is well worth it.

Why? Because every press, curl and rep counts towards a leaner and more energized you. You’re going to push limits, break sweat. And you’re not going to want to waste your time with underperforming, cumbersome equipment. Instead, the SMARTBAR is:

  • engineered to maximize fast-paced total body workouts (for all fitness levels)
  • designed to instantly improve your technique (even if you’re just getting started)
  • proven to burn calories more efficiently (and help you lose weight faster)

All in all, the smoothest, most enjoyable training equipment out there.

What are the different weights that come with the set?

The SMARTBAR comes with a range of weight plates:

  • 1kg/2.2lb weight plates (x2)
  • 2.5kg/5.5lb weight plates (x2)
  • 5kg/11lb weight plates (x2)
Additional weights can be purchased separately (including 3.7kg/8.2lb, 7.5kg/22lb & 10kg/22.05lb plates).

What are the product specifications?

SMARTBAR barbell:
  • 131.2 x 13.1 x 9.1cm, 2.64 kg
  • 51.65 x 5.17 x 3.56in, 5.82lbs
1kg weight plate (2 each):
  • 18 x 2.2 x 18cm, 1kg
  • 7.1 x 0.8 x 7.1in, 2.2lb
2.5kg weight plate (2 each):
  • 20 x 2.2 x 20cm, 2.5kg
  • 7.8 x 0.8 x 7.8in, 5.5lb
5kg weight plate (2 each):
  • 26 x 26 x 26cm, 5kg
  • 10.2 x 1 x 10.2in, 11lb
The packaged weight of the SMARTBAR barbell is approximately 3.18kg / 7.01lbs and the packed volume is 0.0206m3

The packaged weight of the Weight set is approximately 17.37kg / 38.30lbs and the packed volume is 0.0183m3

Why should you be confident in the SMARTBAR's durability and safety?

The SMARTBAR its durable…test dropped 80,000 times and life tested for 5 years in a high-use club environment. Every batch of weight plates is also tested under the microscope to ensure high quality steel is used and the perfect density achieved. We are so confident in the SMARTBAR™ that it is backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the difference between SMARTBAR Gen 2 and Gen 1?

The all-new SMARTBAR Gen 2: smoother, stronger and even safer. Full of features to help you take your workouts next level and get you closer to your goals.

So what’s new?

It doesn’t seem possible, but the bar is 20% slimmer. Yet its durable as ever…test dropped 80,000 times and life tested for 5 years in a high-use club environment.

New lower-profile ‘gator teeth’ make weight transitions even faster – letting you quickly release and secure your weights between tracks. So you can keep up with the fast paced classes and spend more time working towards your aspirations.

And that’s just for starters…

  • a squarer plate shape provides additional grip space, whilst textured ‘grip’ zones deliver even more control. Translation: lift heavier, for longer.
  • a re-designed ‘handle insert’ engages seamlessly with the gator for extra plate security (and reduced wear on use);
  • new 3.7kg & 7.5Kg plates provide progress weight increments – to help you step up your training.

Do Gen 1 weights work with Gen 2 bar?

Yes, Gen 1 and Gen 2 are compatible with one another. So if you want to keep your Gen 1 weights but upgrade to the Gen 2 bar, you can.

Do Gen 2 weights work with the Gen 1 bar?

Yes, Gen 1 and Gen 2 are compatible with one another. So if you want to keep your Gen 1 bar but upgrade to the Gen 2 weights, you can.

What is the max weight capacity for the SMARTBAR?

The maximum weight SMARTBAR is designed to hold is 45kg. Three (3) weight plates can clip in at once on each end, with the largest plates on the inside closest to the gator handle and smallest plates on the outside, ie maximum loading on each end is 22.5kg with multiple weight plate variations possible. High intensity, accelerated moves are considered extreme (eg GRIT STRENGTH accelerated clean & press). Loading above 45kg could result in a bent bar. Use under these conditions will fall outside our manufacturer warranty.

What workout classes can I do with the SMARTBAR? And where can I stream them?

SMARTBAR is engineered for LES MILLS’ fast paced workouts – available anytime through a LES MILLS+ on subscription:

  • BODYPUMP™, the original barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body;
  • CORE™, a core strength class designed to improve posture and tone your abs, butt and legs;
  • LES MILLS GRIT™ Strength, a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength and build lean muscle.
  • LES MILLS GRIT™ Athletic is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training plyometric-based workout, designed to make you perform like an athlete.
You can also use the bar and plates for other group fitness classes or personal training.

What is the warranty period?

SMARTBAR Gen 2 is backed by a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. Some exclusions apply.



We know you'll love your SMART TECH equipment. We accept returns of unopened cartons within 14 days* of receipt and we'll refund you for the product purchase price.


We stand by the quality of our equipment. SMART TECH is built to last in the most demanding of environments. And backed by a 3 year warranty. It adds up to a seriously good investment in yourself.


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