Equipment that Turns Your
Members into Advocates

Group fitness equipment that creates more memorable member experiences and truly helps them
succeed. Make members happier, keep them for longer, and grow your business faster.


of all gym members participate in equipment-type activities and fitness classes.


Group exercise
is good for business

The expectation and demand for quality equipment that will enable members to succeed is a simple reality.
The better their experience, the longer they stay with you and the more they refer their friends.


of group fitness users say equipment is a reason they go to their current gym.


Equipment isn’t a sunk cost.
It’s an opportunity.

Membership experiences are the secret to growing your business. To make this a reality, all member touch points need to work seamlessly together.

Equipment is no exception, the group fitness experience extends beyond Instructor member interaction and includes equipment.

The quality of equipment has had a big impact on the group fitness experiences – in fact, great equipment is considered as a top two reasons as to why people attend their fitness facility.


Better Alone. Stronger Together.

Smart Tech offers a full stack of group fitness equipment solutions across Strength, HIIT, Yoga, Cardio and Core training.
They’re powerful alone for your business – but even better when used together.

Built for group fitness

Built for Group

Each Smart Tech product has been scientifically developed to enhance members experiences when participating in our group fitness classes. And, because we’ve engineered our equipment to amplify group fitness participation you can expect them to withstand the stresses of repeated use.

Expect exceptional standards

Expect exceptional

Designed to maximize efficiency and results means in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, our equipment is constructed of materials that balance durability, eco credentials and also how the end product will feel in members hands.

Putting our equipment through extensive testing ensures that industry accepted standards can be guaranteed. We perform a wide range of tests including; cyclic loading, mechanism durability, impact loading, mishandling and cosmetic durability along with shoe rotation on our mats and abrasion testing. Along with per product quality control checks all products are batch tested by a reputable 3rd party.

Design and storage solutions

Design and Storage

Each piece of equipment begins with a user insight or problem. We identify the limitations of existing equipment, and explore how it can be redesigned to optimize every movement and isolate the right muscles. The equipment is tested, refined, tested again and refined again. It needs to be engineered to withstand the stress of repeated use.

Throughout the process we constantly test the interaction between the body and equipment so we are having the right muscle response occurring consistently delivering the most effective training workout possible.

Our purpose-built storage solutions have been designed to have an optimal footprint for clubs, are easy for members to use and will amplify the aesthetic looks of any studio.

Attract and retain more members

Attract and retain
more members

As 80% of all people paying for exercise are Millennials or Gen Z*1, investment in Smart Tech equipment creates a better experience than any other product, which aids in attracting and retaining this demographic. And as Les Mills attendees stay up to 49.5% longer than gym only members*2, investment in equipment that drives a better experience is beneficial for your club.

*1 2019 Les Mills Global consumer fitness study
*2 Les mills and uk active research institute 2018

  • After introducing smart tech we noticed some members moving venues to use the new equipment.


  • 72% increase in BODYPUMP attendance with only minor timetable changes.

    John Blackburn
    Head of Fitness and Customer Experience / 1Life, UK.

  • If I could sum up the
    difference Smart Tech has
    made in one word, it would
    be 'engagement'.

    Scott Niven, Head of Fitness
    The Bannatyne Group, UK

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