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About Us

Nutrition - exercise is only part of the picture

Les Mills does not stand still. It is not in our nature. While the world around us moves fast, we move faster. Innovation is at our core and that is what makes us the world leader in group fitness. As we evolve the LES MILLS™ group fitness programs we see people getting fitter, and healthier, faster.

As part of our mission to create a fitter planet – Les Mills now completes the duo of exercise and nutrition that is required for true health and fitness results.

Nutrition education

The essence of Les Mills Nutrition is simplified, quality and science based education. We aim to act as a counter to the confusing information in this area.

Put simply our philosophy is:

Respect. Know your food’s origins.
Understand. Learn about what drives your body and mind.
Support. Optimal nutrition when pushing your body. Staying on track every day.

Our challenge to you: think about what you eat and why you eat it. Many of us don’t realize our food choices are dictated by our history, economics and culture. We want you to think about the food your body needs.

Nutrition products

Leading on directly from our philosophy of support, Les Mills wants to provide you the tools to get real results. We have found many brands out there are high in sugar, contain fructose, or artificial sweeteners and fillers. This is why we decided to offer you clean, simple, functional sports nutrition, with only the right stuff. This is LES MILLS™ Good Protein.